Hands-free nosebleed relief in minutes

Finally, a simple, convenient way to treat nosebleeds empowering anyone anywhere to stop nosebleeds fast.

Meet NasaClip

The first and only adjustable nosebleed rescue device that provides constant, comfortable, hands-free compression. Made up of 2 soft sponges and a small clip that provides personalized pressure, NasaClip stops nosebleeds fast.

A better way to treat nosebleeds

As an ER physician, Dr. Elizabeth Clayborne has seen a lot of nosebleeds in her day.

Nosebleeds typically aren’t serious, but they’re surprisingly difficult for healthcare professionals to treat. Most treatment methods are time-consuming, invasive and painful – using multiple hospital resources and leaving patients unhappy. 

That’s why Dr. Clayborne created NasaClip. NasaClip combines external nasal pressure & intranasal sponges into one hands-free device for a better way to treat nosebleeds, in clinics, schools, home or any setting. 

Why NasaClip?

No Doctor Needed
Kid Friendly
Fast Acting
Trusted by ER Doctors

Fast, simple nosebleed rescue

Stock your clinic, first-aid cabinet, car, or purse with NasaClip so you are prepared for the next nosebleed.