NasaClip is clinically proven to treat nosebleeds faster and more effectively than other common methods, at an affordable price. Plus, it’s a hands-free and mess-free way to stop nosebleeds.

For health care professionals, NasaClip can positively impact quality-of-care and reputational metrics by shortening treatment times and promoting higher patient satisfaction scores. It can also allow health care professionals to address nosebleeds quickly, so they can redeploy valuable resources to other patients and more serious needs.

NasaClip can also empower people with nosebleeds and their caregivers to stop the flow quickly and effectively, minimizing time spent away from work, school, or play.

Currently, NasaClip is only available for purchase here on our website. We are anticipating to launch our product in Summer 2022.

During a nosebleed event, first clear the nose of any clots, then lean forward and insert both NasaClip sponges into the nostrils, rotate the clip into place, and squeeze shut. Leave the device in place for 10 to 20 minutes, then release the clip and check for bleeding. Click here for more information and video instructions.

No, when used properly NasaClip does not leave any residue in the nose.

NasaClip is designed for anterior nosebleeds, the most common type of nosebleeds.

For posterior nosebleeds, nosebleeds that last for >30 minutes, and nosebleeds caused by significant trauma, seek medical attention.

NasaClip is a single-use device. However, NasaClip can be reinserted up to 3 times during the same nosebleed.

NasaClip is composed of a clip with a wire interior and sponges. You can throw it away in the trash bin or in a biological waste bin.

Click here to order NasaClip in bulk. For ordering assistance or any questions, please call us at 443-305-5580.

Yes, NasaClip is safe to use for children. For a size that fits more comfortably in children’s nostrils, order NasaClip Kids here.

No, there are no known side effects or allergic reactions associated with NasaClip.

NasaClip is intended for treatment of anterior epistaxis (nosebleeds) only. This device is not intended for heavy arterial bleeding from posterior nosebleeds.

The device is for use by persons over the age of 2.

  • Read the written instructions fully before starting the procedure
  • Wash hands thoroughly or use hand sanitizer before and after handling the device
  • Clear the nose of any clots prior to using the clip
  • Nasal pinch pads should only be applied to the outside of the nose
  • Ensure the nasal sponges are clean and moist prior to use
  • Do not use the clip on more than one person
  • Do not apply clip so tightly that it is painful or causes numbness or tingling
  • Do not leave the clip in place more than 30 minutes
  • Dispose of clip in household waste if at home or in accordance with all applicable Federal, State, and local Medical/Hazardous waste practices if in a public setting
  • Seek medical assistance immediately if the person experiencing the nosebleed has any of the following:
    • bleeding for more than 30 minutes or has lost a large amount of blood
    • feeling dizzy or light-headed, or feels that they are going to pass out
    • rapid heart beat or trouble breathing
    • vomiting blood
    • rash or a temperature greater than 101.4 F (38.5 C)
    • if they think they are having a medical emergency
  • Temporary irritation of nasal mucosa
  • Pressure ulcer of nasal mucosa or skin
  • Temporary pain or numbness of the nose and skin of the nose