NasaClip Stops Nosebleeds Fast

Discover the first and only adjustable
nosebleed rescue device

Don’t let nosebleeds disrupt the day!

NasaClip was designed with organizations in mind. NasaClip provides constant, comfortable, hands-free compression with personalized pressure to stop nosebleeds fast. When the next nosebleed strikes, you’re ready with NasaClip!

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A Note From Our Founder

Hi! I’m Dr. Liz.

As an ER physician, I’ve seen A LOT of nosebleeds in my day.

Now, most nosebleeds don’t require emergency treatment. Sure, when you look down and see all that blood, it might look pretty scary… but most nosebleeds are common and can be treated at home.

Unfortunately, nosebleed treatment can be time consuming. Many patients with nosebleeds walk out of the hospital later than they expected and, in more pain, than when they walked in! Since nosebleeds are rarely serious and treatment in the hospital can be invasive and inefficient, precious resources are wasted each year.

I created NasaClip to help health care professionals reclaim their time and redeploy valuable resources. When used at home, NasaClip can also save time and money and prevent exposure to diseases such as COVID-19 by giving anyone anywhere the tools needed to treat nosebleeds effectively. NasaClip provides hands-free, comfortable pressure that stops nosebleeds fast and without mess—no doctors necessary. NasaClip takes the pressure off of health care professionals, patients, and caregivers and puts it where it belongs: on nosebleeds.